We Call It The Clit

It’s about the tiniest body part, but boy does it create a big reaction. That body part is the clitoris, otherwise known as the clit. The pleasure it brings is not able to be verbalized. A veritable explosion of intense, exquisite pleasure. One that thankfully we can easily produce ourselves.

Sex researchers from Masters and Johnson to Kinsey have all discovered that when most women masturbate, they simply rub their clits, not many insert objects into their vaginas, the clit is where it’s at. Some women are toy girls, others only need their fingers to get off, they feel better than any toy to me. Others love water induced orgasms, they are nice once in a while as well. But even the toy girls usually use the vibrator on the clit, and the stream of water from water induced ones is also aimed at, you guessed it, the clit.

Biologically, the clit serves no purpose at all. It is not required for any reproductive function, it serves no purpose other than pleasure. All mammals have them, and even female dolphins have been observed stimulating their clitorises. They know a good thing when the stumble upon them!

Sadly, in some cultures in Africa, the Middle East and South East Asia, where women are horribly repressed, removal of the clitoris happens regularly to curtail any pleasure and to make women “faithful”. Female Genital Mutilation is a horrific, barbaric crime against humanity that is usually not even preformed in a medical setting, it is often preformed by laypeople with broken shards of glass or knives in some sort of “ritual” that is celebrated. It’s disgusting beyond belief that such things go on.

The clit should be celebrated as a wonderful pleasure center that its only purpose is joy and feeling good. It should be rubbed, stroked, kissed and caressed as much as possible. It has over double the nerve endings the head of the penis has and makes us lose control in the best possible way. So tease that lovebutton!

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