Hot Threesome


I had a hot threesome the other night with a friend of mine and a mutual male friend of ours. We hadn’t planned on it happening, but we had dinner together, and the wine flowed and things got hot after a racy conversation we had about sexual experiences. I’d had a threesome once years before and very much enjoyed it, but just had not had the opportunity again to do it, and then the other night happened and I came five times. We were getting turned on by the conversation and I knew I was likely wet and I reached over and kissed my male friend and he kissed me back and all of a sudden I felt my female friends hand going under my skirt.

She caressed my pussy lips over my panties as I felt his tongue go in my mouth and I spread my legs to give her more access to my cunt and her fingers soon found their way into my panties and were teasing my now stiff clit and spreading my juices all over my lips. My panties were soon peeled off and I began to undress my male friend and he laid back on the sofa and I straddled him reverse cowgirl and my friend began to lick at my clit as I bounced up and down on top of him.

I was feeling exquisite pleasure from her flicking tongue on my clit as he filled my pussy with his dick, it was the most intense sexual experience I’d had in many years. I never knew my friend was so good at licking pussy, she must have a lot of practice I just didn’t know about. It wasn’t long until her tongue made me cum and I then began to squeeze my cunt muscles around his cock and milked him into cumming inside of me and then we focused on my friend and she got fucked as I licked her from underneath. It was a long and pleasure filled evening for us all.

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