Fruits & Veggies Are Good For You In More Ways Than One

Have you been getting bored with just your hand to masturbate with? Are you too cheap to buy a Fleshlight or afraid your roommate, wife, or family would find it? Well a very low cost and disposable solution for you is already waiting in your kitchen for you to try. Most of us have a banana, a melon, or something similar laying around that can be used for another purpose than eating. They are nature’s sex toys.

Hollowing out part of a melon or cutting off the tip of a banana and squeezing out the fruit are very fast and easy ways for you to pleasure yourself and once finished, just throw the fruit away, or if you’re a bit kinky, you could eat it. The banana comes out before, so that’s not covered in cum, but making a hole in a melon and sliding in your dick and pumping it, that can make for some cheap and slippery masturbation fun!

Lots of guys are pussy whipped by their wives and don’t have the balls to buy an actual sex toy, they are afraid the ice queen wouldn’t approve or ridicule them, so using a fruit or vegetable is a safe option, no sex toy to hide, just some fruit to toss out after. Just wash it well first, pesticides can wreak havoc on your tender bits, so make sure it’s been well cleaned beforehand and pump away to your hearts content. Just wash the juice off your dick after and clean up is a snap, with your load easily disposed of in an empty banana peel or small melon. You don’t always need expensive sex toys to give you some masturbation variety, just a little creativity and determination!

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