Will You Fart On Me?

A more niche fetish that once in a while callers will wish to discuss is farting fetish. Most people would get turned off by such a thing, but for ones into it, it really turns them on a lot. Yesterday a young caller that had such a sweet and sexy voice surprised me when he then turned the conversation around to this. First he asked I’d sit on his face, sure, that’s not uncommon for a guy to love to lick a pussy in that position, then we went to, “and fart on me.” Oh dear, wasn’t expecting that, but that’s what got him going.

It’s difficult for things not to take a comical turn at that point, so I then asked f his date should have had things like beans and cabbage and he loved that idea. I asked what it was about the act of being farted on he loved, and he said the sound drove him crazy, wasn’t the smell a little bad. I asked. Yes, but the sound was worth it. It really does take all kinds. Who knew the sound of farting, something which most of us would try to avoid at all costs unless alone, would be erotic music to his ears.

I cannot imagine being with such a partner, I’d be beyond mortified if gas was passed during an intimate moment, but to have them not only not mind but want you to do it, it’s hard to wrap ones mind around it and then be able to let go and let it fly. Maybe he should try picking someone up at a Mexican restaurant, he might find just what he’s looking for.

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