The New Neighbors

I’ve got these new neighbors, a hot, young gay couple, both of them gorgeous. I wish they weren’t gay, since I’d easily fuck both of them. They don’t look or act gay, just handsome, fit and I have heard them going at it when I’ve been outside, so I know they have an active sex life. My condo balcony looks right across to theirs and I couldn’t help myself fro trying to spy on them when I could hear them faintly when my sliding glass door was open. They had theirs open as well.

I waited until it was dark and I wouldn’t be seen and I went out on the balcony and took a pair of binoculars with me and was trying to see if I could see them doing anything. I could actually, but not directly, but I could in the reflection of a mirror and I was getting turned on watching what little I could see. I’m sure they had no idea someone was spying on them and getting turned on while doing so. I did this a few times and even masturbated as I watched them on the mirror on their wall.

I wish I could get closer, but I cannot chance getting discovered, but I could see them sucking on each other’s cocks and cumming, shooting all their cum out onto the other’s chest, it was hot and I’d so love to be in a threesome with the 2 of them. I guess masturbating my horny pussy while I catch stolen glimpses will have to do for now.

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