Panty Sniffer

The most commonly fetishized piece of clothing or lingerie is of course women’s panties. There’s no shortage of men stealing worn panties from neighbors, mother in laws, sisters, even their own mom, the wives of their friends, you name it, guys have stolen it. So many guys call as they are masturbating with some women’s panties they either took or their girlfriend left them to have to sniff them when they aren’t together. One guy even told me their live in nanny they have, that he took a pair of her dirty panties off the top of the clothes hamper and he jerks off as he smells her pussy scent.

He looks at her and wonders if she has any idea he masturbated while knowing what her cunt smells like. I highly doubt it, since she’d be creeped out, no doubt. He has taken panties from many girls over the years and masturbated with them. He liked to rub the fabric of them over the head of his cock, the silky fabric really aroused him and drove him wild. He would talk about how a woman’s’ most intimate parts would be pressed against that very fabric part on the crotch he was rubbing on himself. It was funny to see him get so worked up over them.

He said once he took some panties from a friends hamper when he visited and the crotch was all damp and sticky and he thought it was ovulation discharge on the crotch panel and it just drove him nuts to think she was at her most fertile time and he even licked the crotch of them and tasted them and he got so horny he masturbated right there in her bathroom before stuffing them in his pocket and leaving. So many stolen panties guys tell me about, it’s unreal.

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