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Panty Sniffer

The most commonly fetishized piece of clothing or lingerie is of course women’s panties. There’s no shortage of men stealing worn panties from neighbors, mother in laws, sisters, even their own mom, the wives of their friends, you name it, … Continue reading

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Masturbating With Panties

The soft, sensuous feel of women’s panties on their cocks makes them a natural thing to masturbate with. So many panties are stolen and used for this purpose. Everywhere from laundries, to communal laundry rooms in apartment buildings, visiting with … Continue reading

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Dirty Underwear Fucker

  Most people masturbate with their hands, this is a given. Some use toys, others use water, I’ve talked to some using fruits and vegetables. There is no end to the creativity of some masturbators, this is for sure. One … Continue reading

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Great Girdles Of The Past

It’s hard to imagine any guy getting turned on by ugly, restrictive underwear such as that pictured, but I can assure you many do. I have had several callers, usually older ones, that are very into the restrictive corsets and … Continue reading

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Silk Underwear

A pleasure for some is fabric. Some are into leather, other suede, some silk. The tactile sensation of certain fabrics against the cock can drive some men wild. One of my clients has a real thing for his vast collection … Continue reading

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