Great Girdles Of The Past


It’s hard to imagine any guy getting turned on by ugly, restrictive underwear such as that pictured, but I can assure you many do. I have had several callers, usually older ones, that are very into the restrictive corsets and girdles of yesteryear. I can only assume it’s because they are older and caught glimpses of their mothers or grandmother many decades ago wearing such things and found it arousing as it was covering the womanly bits.

Seems it would take a long time to get in and out of such garments and they certainly were not worn for comfort and honestly produced an unnatural shape. One of the longest calls I ever had was with a man into this fetish, his ex wife had quite been into these sorts of old fashioned lingerie and he quite enjoyed having sex with her while she was wearing it. I guess the silky fabrics, hooks and eyes, laces, zippers, to some it just drives them wild. Wonder if they’d have liked the really old fashioned ones made of whale bone and steel cages? It’s unthinkable women would actually truss themselves up like that.

Women today wear Spanx foundation garments, and old fashioned pieces like this while still available are certainly much less in demand as more women decide to just choose comfort over pouring themselves into such contraptions. Much lingerie can be sexy, but these girdles seem so horrible to me, I wouldn’t wear one for anything! Some men even call while wearing them themselves, so it’s not just women they enjoy seeing them on, some have a fetish for them themselves as garments to wear while masturbating.

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