Masturbating With Panties

The soft, sensuous feel of women’s panties on their cocks makes them a natural thing to masturbate with. So many panties are stolen and used for this purpose. Everywhere from laundries, to communal laundry rooms in apartment buildings, visiting with friends or family and taking them, it’s rampant. They love to caress their cock with that piece of fabric that has rubbed against a woman’s sex, if dirty, that may still be damp with some of her juices and smell like it, lifting it to their nose to get the scent of her pussy, it’s very arousing to most men.

The smell of a cunt alone can make many a man hard and throbbing, wanting to feel a real pussy wrapped around their cock, but alas, the panties that have touched the pussy will have to do. At least it’s been next to the object of their desire. Others are into the feel of the panties alone, the fabric, satin or silk especially and they can be brand new and not even have actually touched a pussy or been worn, it’s the garment itself that attracts them.

Cumming on the crotch of the panties is a turn on for many, and ones have said they have even put back a pair of cummed on panties back in the woman’s drawer. Now how you could miss a pair of cummed on and wet panties, or dried cum on your clean panties, I do not know, but many have done this when they took panties in someone’s home, masturbated on them and quickly put them back. So if you have any missing panties, think back to who had access to them, you just might be surprised what happened to them.

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