My Sexy Contractor

Recently I had some renovations done on my home, and this one contractor was recommended to me by a few different friends of mine and they all seemed to giggle a bit when they talked about him. I’d seen the work this guy had done on their places and it was very nice, so I knew his workmanship was good, I just wasn’t sure why all the giggles when they spoke about him. I gave him a call and soon learned why. He looked like a model, not a tradesman. He was drop dead gorgeous, and I wanted him as soon as I saw him.

I could not stop staring at this man, and he knew it. I was beginning to think all of his clients were females that watched him every minute he was at their house as sheer eye candy, and I’d have been right. I think he knew that most women wanted to fuck him, since he wasted no time putting the moves on me and I was certainly receptive to them and let him do whatever he saw fit to do to me, and I was happy about it.

His cock was huge, and I felt like absolutely worshiping it, since I knew how much pleasure it would bring me. He had a tendency to stay after his crew had left, this was no doubt when he put the moves on the lady clients that wanted him, so he was not only getting the job, but getting hot sex every night after work as well. I loved sucking on his cock and then he bent me over my bed and took me from behind and I climaxed so hard from that hard, young cock inside of me. This went on every day of the renos. I think the way he fucked women ensured they’d keep hiring him for more work and giving him lots of recommendations. He had a good thing going for sure!

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