I Need Your Advice…

Can we phone sex girls even count the number of times guys tell us their wives won’t fuck them? Nope. It’s so common, it’s awful, I really do feel badly for these poor guys, but no one’s putting a gun to their head to stay and most will not leave, no matter how deprived they are. It seems one this past weekend actually took my advice when I heard about how his wife hadn’t fucked him in over ten years. I told him to book an appointment with an escort and get some fun before it was too late. He did.

He messaged me to thank me the next day and said he was so excited, that he’d booked an hour with this escort and managed to fuck her three times in that paid for hour. The first time he said he didn’t last three minutes, which after over a decade is certainly understandable. He had a lovely time and wants to try and pursue getting a regular girlfriend on the side since wifey closed her legs permanently many moons ago. I seriously have zero use for these women to deprive their husbands, there’s just no need for it, but that’s why many of them call us phone sex girls in the first place.

Some have a good sex life, but have taboo fantasies and thoughts they know would not go over well, so they keep that separate from the wife and share that only with phone sex girls, which I also certainly understand. Many wives would be horrified if they knew their husbands wanted to suck cock, or get fucked by a strap on or wore ladies lingerie in secret, so these are the sorts of things they tell us. Just because your partner has closed down sexually is no reason you should be expected to as well, so either leave the relationship, or find fun on the side and be discrete about it. For fucks sakes don’t be a martyr about it, life is short, grab your fun while you have some good years left.

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