Are You Watching Porn?

One thing we phone sex girls notice many times from callers is we hear them watching porn in the background. It’s very, very common to hear the muffled moans and groans in the background as a guy is on the phone with you. They love to watch porn as they masturbate, but of course it’s not interactive, they can’t carry on a conversation with the girl in the movie. Cam sex isn’t quite the same, since it’s not a movie, it’s a live person and usually they are alone, not fucking another person, so yes it’s interactive to a degree, but a guy watching porn while on the phone with a phone sex girl is getting the best of both worlds.

Many times they will describe the action to you as it’s playing out on screen for them, or even email you the link to the exact clip they are watching, so you can experience it to, oh the joy of that…They Love to be watching all the glistening cunt close-ups at the same time as talking to a real, live girl that is talking them through their masturbation. If they have a little dick, and oh so many do, they will say how much bigger a cock the guy on the screen has than they do, and how pitiful they are in comparison.

Watching porn sometimes is fine, but like every vice, all things in moderation. A steady diet of it will leave you desensitized and unfulfilled, since the sex you will get in real life, will surely never live up to the superficial expectations of porn sex. The women will not be as beautiful, you will not be as hung, as a treat fine, but be realistic and accept it for the fantasy it is. We may even talk with you about it, if you’re lucky!

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