Manhandle Me

This new guy I’ve been seeing likes things a bit more rough than I’m used to and I honestly love it. I’ve had marks left on my body from some of our sessions. He spanked me and there was a slight handprint, he grabbed my throat and there were finger marks on my neck. It’s totally consensual, he’s never laid a finger on me when I didn’t want him to, but I’m finding this a turn on since it’s so different than the kind of sex I usually have with guys, which is great, but its not got that primal quality like this does. It makes me feel like more of a woman.

He asked me about spanking and choking and several other things and asked if I’d like to try it or didn’t want any of that kind of thing, I was open to it, but did not think I’d take to it like I have. I like getting spanked, it makes me wet. I find it all quite exhilarating and very arousing. I had to cover some marks on my neck and I was afraid someone would think he’d gotten abusive, but that’s not it at all, I was shocked to even see marks since it didn’t feel hard enough to have marked me but it did, and I was kind of loving it.

I’ve been having more intense orgasms and love being called a slut and whore in the bedroom, nowhere else, but there, I turn into his cock worshiping slut that loves to do as I am told. He can slap my face with his hard cock and command me to suck on it until I gag and I will do so willingly and love that sense of helplessness and slight humiliation. No one’s made me feel as alive as he has in the bedroom.

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