Big, Black Cocks For White Sluts

Most of the black callers that call all seem to prefer white women, even the black men don’t want the poor black women, they want the white ones for the most part. They say there’s no shortage of white sluts out there that have got it bad for their nigger dick. They love to fill up that tight, white pussy with their massive cocks and make them get stretched out like they’ve never been stretched out before. Some of course are the bull in their cuckold relationship, and fuck these white women in front of their tiny dicked husbands that watch them fill their wives with cocks two, three times the size of their own.

Many of them love to be called racially humiliating names as they are fucking these women, some even like to be spat on surprisingly. It’s an odd dynamic for sure, but as long as the people involved all enjoy it, that’s up to them. There’s no doubt that statistically black men have on average larger penises than white men, and many women crave the larger cock that is just easier to get on a black man.

To some black men, having a white woman as their lover is a status symbol, they carry more value than a black woman and are apparently from what black guys say, much more sexually adventurous than the average black woman. Many black men have said black women are quite conservative sexually in comparison to white women. So lots of white women want to experience what the black man has to offer them in comparison to their white guys they’ve been with. Many times it’s the old saying, once you go black, you never go back. Just look at the Kardashian’s, they all seem to prefer the brothas, that’s for sure! Though lord knows those ho’s are nothing to aspire to!

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