Ladies for Ladies

One ironic thing about the phone sex world is guys will somehow think they are so good on the phone that women will pay them. They won’t, it’s very rare. Some men do not grasp this. Women however will pay to call other ladies once in a while. Now lady callers are not regulars, they will usually call a few times a year at the most, but they do call and they absolutely love masturbating while another woman talks to them about doing lesbian things to her. So many are bi curious but have just not had the courage to go out and actually do things about it.

The draw to someone of the same sex is a common one, much more common that ones like to think it is. They love the idea of another woman feasting on their pussy and seeing how it would feel in comparison to a man doing it, there’s something about playing with someone of the same sex, since you have the same equipment, you would just instinctively know what feels good much more so than a member of the opposite sex.

You can hear the passion in their voice as they are masturbating on the other end, the excitement of talking at least to another woman, even if they never actually do anything about it in real life, this is still pretty hot, masturbating for another woman and having them hear you cum. They get so wet, they sometimes use a vibe rather than their fingers and like you to talk about them licking you, or you licking them and just feeling that tongue caressing their clit and drinking up their juices. It can be a very nice call, but there’s no doubt about it, lady callers are a lot more work than male ones are!

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