Cock Sucker Confession

A caller was telling me about his night with another man a few nights ago, and he had all kinds of things he was confessing. He’d been convinced his girlfriend was cheating on him, he was a tiny dicked submissive, so it’s not really any shocker. He’d left the computer cam on and set it on the desk facing the bed and she hadn’t noticed, so when he came back in hours later, he watched what had been recorded and sure enough, she’d fucked a coworker and he said he watched it over and over and oddly the sense of humiliation turned him on.

He then said as time went on after many viewings, he started to wish that he was the one getting fucked by the coworker. He’d been fucked by another guy years before and had never told anyone about it, and this recent encounter had set off the same sex desires once more. He actually showed the guy he was with the video of his ex girlfriend and the coworker, she apparently dumped him for good a couple of weeks later. The guy watching the video told him to buy some lingerie like his ex girlfriends and the next time they were together, he was to wear it and pretend to be her.

Quite the story, so he wore the lingerie the next time he was going to fuck this guy he met online, and he said he felt so feminine and submissive and willing to please. Of course he’s the one that gets fucked and does the sucking, he doesn’t do those things to them. He’s looking forward to his next meeting very much. He’d even gotten a large dildo to use on himself to stretch himself out with before his first encounter with this new man, since it had been years since the first encounter.

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