Sunbathing in The Nude

I’ve always enjoyed sunbathing in the nude and being nude in general. I consider my own backyard my own private space, so I do not worry about doing things on my own property. It was the first really hot weekend of the season, and I wanted to get a jump start on my tan, so I headed outside to my fenced in yard and laid my towel down and rubbed suntan lotion all over myself to get some of the lovely sun rays all over my overly white skin from being inside and unexposed to the sun all winter.

Of course my neighbors upstairs window does look over into my yard, so I cannot be sure if I was seen or unseen. I’d noticed his car was in his driveway, so I suspect he was home, whether he wandered into his bedroom to have a look out his window and down into my yard, I cannot be sure. I think he may have since I saw the curtains move a bit and it wasn’t the wind moving them since the window was not open at all. I bet he got quite hard watching my naked self rub that lotion all over myself and lay back and spread open. I bet he was even stroking his cock as he watched.

My boyfriend happened to call while I was down there and he was feeling very horny and wanted to know if we could have phone sex right then and there. He had gone out of town on business and we hadn’t fucked in several days. I told him I was outside, naked, and the neighbor possibly watching, so maybe I should go inside before I played? This got him even more aroused, and he told me to masturbate right then and there so the neighbor could watch me. I did as I was told, and I must say, I had a very good orgasm, getting my boyfriend off and possibly the neighbor too!

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