He Loves Their Hairy Arms

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, you hear about yet another fetish. A man called that is very aroused when he seems women with hairy forearms. He’s not into any other body hair, not leg hair, pubic hair, underarm hair, but hairy forearms. I asked where he felt this fetish took root and he said when he was a kid the lady that cut his hair had hairy forearms and it became an attraction at that point forward. He said he likes to imagine running his precum dripping cock all over the hairy forearms and leaving them all gooey with his drippings.

He hadn’t been lucky enough to actually find a woman to be in a sexual relationship with that actually had hairy arms though. There’s a fetish for everything, no matter how odd or bizarre. He realized that most women would remove the hair and not many would keep it, so it wasn’t as easy to find such a hairy lady as he’d hoped. He fantasized about running his fingers along their arms to find that sexy fuzz and how it would tickle him. Maybe he could literally make their hair stand on end with excitement.

In all the calls I’d ever done in ten years, I’d never once heard a man mention hairy forearms. Underarms yes, pubic hair of course, but this was truly a first. So it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been taking calls, there’s always something new to learn and hear about and find out what someone’s kink is you never heard before. Not watching porn myself, I was not aware of the amount of hairy arm porn that is readily available, it didn’t take much looking to find a ton of options for ones into that fetish. Hopefully he will find the Sasquatch woman of his dreams soon and cover her arms in his goo.

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