Sloppy Seconds

I did something kind of naughty the other week and I think my boyfriend knows, but he didn’t say anything. I’ve been seeing this other man, and I shower as soon as I’ve seen him in case my boyfriend comes over. Well I had less time than I thought, and I was about to get in the shower when my boyfriend came over and I had a pussy full of cum from the other guy I’ve been seeing in secret. My boyfriend told me not to shower, that he likes me a little ripe as he puts it and to get on the bed.

I felt a bit weird with the cum of one man inside of me and my boyfriend really coming onto me and knowing he was going to fuck me. Well he didn’t start by fucking me, he went down on me. With the other guys cum in my pussy. I glanced down and saw this odd look on his face as he opened me with his tongue, and he dipped his tongue inside and I thought there’s no way he doesn’t know I’m overflowing with cum. He went to town on that pussy anyway and made me cum and licked out every drop. He didn’t ask me any questions or say anything.

I felt so guilty after he ate me out and licked up the cum of another man and then fucked me, sloppy seconds. He said a few days later I should not shower before he comes over, that he really enjoyed that night when I hadn’t yet. OMG, he had to have known and was encouraging me to come back to him filled up with the cum of another man. I did, and he still didn’t say anything, but I knew that he knew, but it was just unsaid.

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