I’ve Got a Great Body Though

There are seldom funnier calls than ones that are dealing with small penis humiliation. How can one react other than with laughter when a caller states his penis is the size of a peanut? Yes, it’s sad that nature has shortchanged them this cruel way, but laughter is ones first response. Some men with a small penis are attracted to bodybuilding as a compensating measure. There’s been several callers over the years that feel their otherwise grand physiques should overshadow their tiny little cock. It doesn’t. Ones that are taking steroids will make it even worse.

So your cock will look even smaller the larger the rest of you appears. What woman exactly would be impressed with this? One not into sex of course wouldn’t care, and from what most callers tell me their women are for the most part not into sex, otherwise they wouldn’t be calling girls like me on the phone. So maybe some women that aren’t interested in having sex but want a man for arm candy or to be their provider or father to their children, then to them I guess it would work out just fine. But these men are wanting sex, that’s the problem.

I just start to giggle when I think of them rubbing their tiny little cocks that are smaller than their thumb. Masturbation will be pretty much it for ones of this ilk, so I hope they enjoy their stroke sessions. No woman wants to get fucked by a dick the size of a tube of lipstick. They might do ok with Asian women, since they are used to guys with tiny dicks. Pretty sad state of affairs all round. Maybe they should just turn their attentions to sucking cock, then their little nubs would be of no consequence whatsoever.

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