Dirty Talking Neighbor

Recently I got some baby monitors, though not for babies, but for security. I spend most of my time upstairs and cannot hear if anyone is at the doors downstairs, so I put one down by the door and leave it on. Then if anyone knocks or tries the door, I will hear it on the receiver monitor I keep near me upstairs. What I hadn’t counted on was it picking up the signal at times from the neighbors baby monitor. They had a baby recently, so I assume they have one. I think the husband is cheating on his wife since I overheard him having a very sexy conversation with someone that was broadcast over my monitor when I knew his wife was out.

I’m not sure if he was on the phone and having phone sex, or if there was a visitor with him there in person, but it was plenty hot. I was sitting in my chair working away when I heard a man’s voice, and it startled me. He then was saying things like, “fuck me baby, fuck me hard, suck that dick.” it was unexpected and hot and I was totally getting into it as he was telling his lover what to do to him. I started to finger my now wet cunt as I listened to him and closed my eyes and imagined him doing those things to me.

I’d not thought of him as a very sexy sort before hearing this, but soon saw him in a different light as I heard him tell her to open her mouth and take his big load, and get on her hands and knees to get fucked like the little slut that she is. I could hear him grunting as he either stroked his dick to her on the phone, or as he really pounded her cunt and gave it to her for real. In his own bed while his wife was out. Oh well, she just had that kid, she’s likely too tired to fuck her man and give him the attention he needs, so he’s getting it elsewhere. I rubbed my clit and soon came listening to him.

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