Accidental Anal

One might wonder how they could have “accidental anal sex” but it can and does happen. The lights are out, alcohol may have been consumed, people are moving too fast, hey, it happens. A caller was telling me this happened to him and his girlfriend and how mad she was when he plunged it into her and she yelped. He realized what had happened and at first he laughed a bit and asked her if he could still finish, she said no, get it out immediately. Of course in his fantasy, things go a bit differently and she lets him finish and she becomes addicted to anal sex.

Real life however doesn’t always go as it does in our masturbatory fantasies. So it might start as an accidental slippage into the wrong hole, but now it’s awakened her inner anal slut and he wants to go to town on that ass and really give her a good pounding. He said his dick was never so hard as when he realized it was buried up to his nuts in her tight, fat ass. How he wanted to finish in there. She had him put it in her pussy instead and he finished in there.

Now all he can think about is anal. He’s been watching anal porn when he masturbates, he even bought an anal sex simulator Fleshlight toy that has one of those tighter sleeves to feel like an ass rather than a pussy. He’s been beating off with it daily imagining it’s her ass. Some women are never gonna give in in this area, so the guy either makes do with fantasy, or else he finds a slut that will let him fuck her up the ass for real on the side. Not many will go to that trouble though.

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