Choke Me, Baby

My boyfriend asked me how I’d feel about a bit of light choking during sex and I said I’d be fine with it, so we tried it. I really liked it. Some callers over the years have called with neckties or rope, or other things around their neck for the auto erotic asphyxiation fetish and I’ve always been concerned about them. Many countless men have died doing this to themselves. Many say countless more are unreported since their families might find them dead this way and then rearrange the body so it’s not obvious how they died accidentally. It seems a regular suicide in the police report is more palatable to them than the actual truth that their loved ones died accidentally while masturbating. That wouldn’t be the best way to be remembered for sure, so ones often cover this up upon finding a dead loved one.

When doing this with a partner, hopefully they will know when to stop so there’s no danger of passing out. I gave my lover permission to do this and it was very pleasurable, I liked it a lot and want to do it again. I love to be submissive to my partner and this felt extremely submissive to me and I liked the feeling of surrender, that I was totally at his mercy and he did what he wanted to me.

There’s nothing like the feeling of giving someone else total control over your orgasm, your breathing, the bonding you can share with someone while engaging in this kind of sex play is intense. You don’t trust just anyone to this degree, and it really brought us closer. My partner enjoyed having the power over me as well. I asked if he’d like to try it as well, but it wasn’t really his thing, but he enjoyed doing it to me and I loved having it done. I like it so much, it’s hard to tell him to stop. Do you have any experiences with erotic asphyxiation? Call us and let us know all about them.

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