Pleading and Begging

My boyfriend loves to tease me and make me beg for it. It arouses him no end to hear me beg to get his cock all the way into me. He loves to just put the tip in and make me go wild, knowing it’s almost there, but not all of it. I buck up against him and make it go in a bit more, then he will smile and laugh a bit and back up, pulling some of it out of me. He likes me worked up to quite the sexual frenzy before finally giving me what he wants. What I want is that glorious dick buried inside of me, all the way up to the balls.

I love to hold him so close, my breath on his neck, me clawing at his back and shoulders as he pins me down and really drills it into me. That I cannot get enough of. He’s even made me cum just by rubbing the tip of his cock on my clit, which yes it feels good, but I want it in me, not on me. He even fit the eye of his dick over my clit, so my clit was inside of it for a few seconds. I laughed, it kind of tickled to do that. He just loves to play and tease as much as possible.

I never tire of how much I love his cock inside. No one has ever made me wetter than he has and he knows it. The way he drives me insane with his hands and his cock. I love to cum everyday from him doing something to me, but he sure loves to make me plead and beg for it. I am submissive, so I do enjoy having to work for it and his approval. I love to please him.

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