Behind His Back

I’ve been dating this older man, which is usually not my style at all, but I like this man very much and he’s very kind and generous and witty. The problem came when I met his son. The son is more my speed. He’s like what his dad must have been like over thirty years ago when he was in his prime. I met the son recently at a family function and I was instantly attracted to him. A few nights later my older boyfriend was out of town on business and I’d forgotten. I thought it was the next night he left, so I went over to his house. His son answered, who’d just a few years younger than I am.

He was staying with his father for a week while he was in town doing a refresher course for work. I said I’d leave but he invited me in. I had a feeling this wasn’t the best idea considering how attracted to him I am. He opened a bottle of wine and we began talking, and one bottle of wine led tot eh next and we were soon feeling a bit giddy and romantic and he leaned over and kissed me and I did not stop him. I should have, but he was just so sexy.

He passionately kissed me and was soon feeling me up over my clothes. The clothes didn’t last long though, they were soon in a pile on the floor. We then made our way back to his room and he laid me on the bed and began to lick my pussy. His technique was superb and I was soon writhing under his oral administrations. I came on his tongue and he soon slid his hard cock into me, fucking me so sensually. I just adored it. We spent the entire night making love and I felt a bit guilty for sure. He went back home a few days later and my boyfriend came home from his business trip a few days later, none the wiser. I doubt he will ever find out about it.

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