My Cunt Runneth Over

I love bareback sex, my boyfriend does as well, there’s nothing like feeling that hot cum squirt inside of you. He loves to lick it out afterwards as well. I know it’s a bit naughty, and messy, but he’s always loved to lick up his own cum. Even when he masturbates, he likes to enjoy every drop, so licking it out of my pussy is even better, since he makes me cum again with oral sex while he’s down there. I like to sit right on his face and have it just drip down his throat as he tickles my clit with his tongue and make me squirm with pleasure.

I love when he kisses me afterwards so we can share a snowball kiss. I like the taste of his cum as well, so we can both share it that way. I am kind of a cum addict, he can shoot it all over my tits and he enjoys watching me lick it off. My tits are large enough so that I can cup them in my hand and lift them to my lips to do that. He likes watching me suck on my own nipples coated in his jizz. He’s a fairly heavy cummer, so there’s always a good load to squirt when he does cum in me or on me.

He likes knowing some of his cum is always inside of me, we fuck pretty much every day, so he knows there’s always a little bit of him inside of my pussy. He loves going down on me anytime, but when I’m filled up with his seed is his favorite time to chow down on me. He loves nothing more than to be smeared with his own man juice from ear to ear between my thighs. I like too, I must admit.

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