Squeeze That Pussy!

One thing I love to do when I’m riding a guy is squeeze my pussy around his dick. It makes my clit feel even better than it would if I didn’t. You can be spread so wide that there’s no clit stimulation at all, which is no fun. By compressing it, the sensation is incredible. The first time a guy saw me do that he was a bit shocked and asked what I was doing. I told him, and it not only felt better for me, but for him as well. He loved having his cock gripped that way, and we both came even harder than usual.

I’m pretty flexible, and have several little tricks like that I use when fucking to get the position just right. A lot of women can’t cum in the missionary position, but if I angle myself just so, and hold open my cunt lips, exposing my clit and making it stick out even more, it will get rubbed beautifully with each and every stroke. So much more than it would if I was just say bucking my hips. By totally exposing it, it just makes it as easy as anything to stimulate and that feels fantastic.

I used to be into gymnastics when I was younger, and I still have some of that flexibility, and find it can really add to the pleasure of sex if you can bend this way and that and just be able to move in ways someone could not that is say overweight, or has limited joint mobility issues. I have used my body and it’s flexibility to achieve much higher levels of pleasure than the average person. I can do things some would only dream of being able to do. Take some yoga classes, they re great for increasing your flexibility, which can be very beneficial in the bedroom, I have found!

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