Fucking ‘Dat White Woman

Most of the black men that call love to fuck white women, they don’t seem to have a hard time finding white women to fuck, either. I guess it’s those huge black cocks they have that make them so popular with the ladies. I’ve had the rare one call with a smaller than average dick, but most seem to fall in the larger that average size according to them at least. They seem incredulous I haven’t sampled a black cock, not all women have, and are fine with that. Some ladies though cannot get enough of it and would laugh at a little white guy’s dick in comparison.

The guy in the pic isn’t even hard and he’s three times the size of most white guys that would be hard. Not fair for the little white guys. They fantasize about their women getting taken by these black beasts as well, many even want a big, black cock for themselves to suck on, let alone their ladies they’d love to see impaled on it or sucking it and worshiping it. There’s just something about an alpha black male that makes a white guy feel weak and inadequate. Many black males have a lot more confidence than white males, and if there’s one thing a woman loves, it’s a confidant male.

Some of the black male callers like when I say I’ve never been with a black man, they take it as a challenge of sorts, that I must really be dying to try it, lol, and they are just the ones to convince me to find some BBC and do it! To be able to fill a woman’s pussy like no white man has ever done, I can certainly see where some of their confidence comes from. They do crave white pussy, no doubt about it.

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