Listening In

Lots of callers don’t have a lover of their own, and many have roommates, and sometimes the roommates are getting lucky with them in the next room. Of course this spells opportunity for ones that are auditory voyeurs. They like to listen in as their roommates get it on with their girlfriends and they often have their ears pressed up to the wall listening in as they stroke their cocks and get off to the sexy sounds of a couple in the next room fucking. Some are afraid of being caught, but with the roommate otherwise engaged, it’s not exactly a worry. They feel they might be a pervert for listening in to their friend and getting turned on, but they do it anyway.

A caller last night was telling me how loud his roommates girlfriend is when they have sex and her moans just drive him crazy, and he loves to jerk it when she comes over. He listens the entire time they are going at it in the next room, his cock in his hand, stroking up and down, smoothing the leaking precum in his hand all over his shaft. Rubbing the tip of his thumb over the cockhead imagining it’s her tongue circling the head of his cock. Eyes closed, listening as they bring one another to ecstasy.

He said sometimes he even just listens to his roommate masturbating, which is a bit odd, considering the roommate is another guy, but he’s really auditory, hence why he loves phone sex so much. He just loves hearing others getting off and masturbating at the same time as they do. It’s a real turn on for some people to do that, he has done it for many years. He said he used to listen to his sister masturbate when she was in the room next to his and it’s a habit he’s carried forward with all of his roommates and none of them have apparently caught on to the fact he does it. No real harm done though.

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