Blow Job Facial

Lots of guys think their cum is a wonderful, healing elixir that ladies love to have squirted all over them, in them, everywhere. Some just love to spray it all over their lady as if marking their territory. My guy is just the same, he loves to have his cock worshipped when I am in a submissive mood. Spraying my face and coating my cum hungry tongue are just a bonus to his orgasm. I do get into submissive moods and love to please my guy by sticking out my tongue to catch every drop of his explosive orgasm.

I’ve been called a blow job queen by a couple of my boyfriends over the years. I have been told I am quite talented at pleasing orally. Slurping, swirling, tapping the head of that swollen cock head on my tongue and tasting every drop of that pre cum as it drips onto my tongue. So many have girlfriends or wives that call that no longer want to suck off their guy, some of the older callers over fifty have been married for decades and their wives have never once done this for them.

One caller that is in his early sixties and a widower said the only sex his wife gave him was missionary position in the dark. I asked if he’d never even asked for a blow job and he said no way, she’d have called him a pervert for even asking. You’d be surprised how many older callers have this exact same story about their wives, it’s never even been an option for them. Occasionally a caller will say he cannot cum from a blow job, so he doesn’t really enjoy them, but that is honestly quite rare. Most would be happy to get them every single day they love them so much.

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