Sword Fighting

Some guys that have had same sex experiences going way back to childhood and teens will relate when they masturbated with friends or touched the other friends cock or even rubbed their cocks together. Sword fighting it’s called in the gay porn scene. Does that arouse you, to watch two naked men rubbing their dripping wet tips together as they are both hard, horny and aroused? Maybe you’ve had experiences like that you’ve never shared with anyone and you’d love to talk about them. You know you cannot share this with your wife or girlfriend, she just wouldn’t understand and that would likely be the end of your relationship if you ever revealed you’d done such things with another guy, even if you were very young when it happened.

Maybe this isn’t so far in the past for you, and you have a buddy you jerk off with even today. Sometimes if guys are without girlfriends, they will watch porn together and jerk off together, even if they aren’t touching one another, there’s a certain camaraderie that goes with masturbating in the same room together with your friend. They enjoy sharing the experience, even if there’s no touching involved. The ones that like to touch or rub their cocks together though, that is much more of an intimate experience.

Some may even have been part of a circle jerk in their youth where several boys masturbated together. They likely didn’t all rub their dicks together, but it’s another sort of shared masturbation experience that can lead to more intimate one on one experiences after the group has dispersed. A few may stay behind and experiment further. Many men may enjoy rubbing their cock with another man throughout their lives, and not leave this childhood experimentation time in the past. If you’ve had these sorts of experiences and have no one to share them with, and get aroused when you think about them, maybe calling one of our sex ladies to share them with as you masturbate may give you a more fulfilling masturbatory experience.

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