He Cleans The Cum From Her Cunt

This caller with a tiny penis is always complaining about his wife running around on him with other guys because his dick is so small, so I told him to just tell her he knows and is ok with it, he just wants to watch. He never thought she’d go for it, but she did, so he’s been watching her get fucked by a couple of different guys the last couple of months and been having very good orgasms as he’s watched it happen right there in their own bed with him sitting in a chair at the end of the bed watching up close.

She just ignores him and pretends he’s not even there, as do the guys she fucks and brings into their bed, he’s been stroking away like a fiend since she agreed to it and shooting bigger loads than he has in years, he said it’s like his own personal porn show. He’s kind of a pitiful character, but like many guys with a small dick, he realizes he’s never going to be able to satisfy her, so someone else might as well do it, but he wants to at least enjoy it and see what’s going on.

She’s been letting him clean her up afterwards. She hadn’t been letting him have any sexual access to her at all, but she’s at least decided to let him clean the cum out of her cunt afterwards. He’d been reluctant to lick the cum out of her, he swears up and down he’s not a fag, which makes me laugh he gets so worked up about it. Yet there he is, slurping away at the cum of another man in her pussy. He can make her cum by doing that, and he’s grateful he’s getting anything at this point. So many cuckold’s out there.

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