Slamming The Backdoor

There’s not too many guys I’ve let in the backdoor so to speak, but if they are skilled and gentle and not overly large, I will try it. My current man loves tons of lube and is not overly large, so we do it once in a while if I’m feeling extra kinky or generous. Last night he brought home this new type of cooling lube, and it felt very cool on the skin, sort of a menthol type of feeling if that makes sense. I generously lubed up his hardened member and he slid it into my tight, fat ass.

I reached underneath and was circling my clit with my fingertips, teasing myself and making myself feel all gooey as he ass fucked me. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass with every thrust of his cock into me. I kept teasing my clit until I came in a gush over my hand and when he felt my contractions from the inside, he blew his load right up my ass. He then laid me back and went to town on my wet pussy. I’d just made myself cum, but he was going to give me a good tongue lashing.

I could feel him lick me from my ass to my clit and back again. Stroke after stroke driving me wilder and closer to another orgasm. I was gripping the sheets, his tongue was driving me insane on my clit, I arched my back and screamed out in pleasure as another orgasm washed over me and I screamed out his name and he continued to lick me through the orgasm. I slowly caught my breath and his licks subsided. It was always a pleasure to give in and surrender to him and he never let me down. Giving him anal sex once in a while was well worth the payoff I’ve found.

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