Sweet Precum

Most guys love a blow job, there’s no secret about that. They love girls to swallow every drop and look like she’s enjoying it. Many men love to lick their own precum and cum as well when they masturbate, or to lick it off of a woman’s tits they’ve shot it on, or lick that cream pie out of her filled pussy. They often will say their precum is sweet, like candy. One used to claim his was like cotton candy, lol. I’ll have to take his word for it. Do you enjoy tasting your own drippings and juices when you masturbate, or love to see a woman savor them? You perhaps do like many others.

It makes men feel you are really accepting them and loving them when you take part of their nectar into yourself like that. The sensation will be the same whether the woman spits or swallows, so it’s the psychological aspect that men love. They want their women to cherish every drop of it. Take that cock as deep as you can, lick the head of it until he’s going crazy, his breathing jagged and shallow, you just know he’s going to explode in your mouth.

Some men want to lick their own cum or precum, the desire is there, but they for some reason always chicken out and cannot do it. The desire they say leaves the second they shoot their load. It’s not poison, it’s not going to hurt you, you can always brush your teeth if it’s too horrible for you to accept. Does seeing a woman’s mouth smeared with your precum make you want to give her a big, wet, sloppy kiss and share all of that? Or is a kiss the last thing you want and you want her to be the one going to brush her teeth. It just varies from guy to guy what they want and enjoy.

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