Panty Sniffers

A sexual pleasure for many men is women’s panties. Dirty women’s panties. Still damp with pussy juices and the sweat of the day. How many countless callers do I have that talk about the stolen panties they have of everyone from their mom to their sister to the neighbor to their ex girlfriend that they bury their face in to masturbate with or rub the silky panties around their hardened cocks and know that crotch has been all over some dripping wet cunt lips…..

They go wild with the thought of it. They go into hampers in homes they are in and steal them, smell them, you name it. They love inhaling the very essence of the woman they were worn by, from their mother in law to the nanny of their children. I swear 1/3 of all panties must end up stolen, several I have spoken with have collections of worn panties of many different women.

Many like to not only smell them and masturbate with them, but try on the garments as well. Men call all the time wearing their wives or girlfriends panties that have absolutely no idea that they are using their panties in such a manner at all.

Something about how that tiny piece of clothing has rested against the pussy lips of that woman and absorbed her scent proves an absolute irresistible factor for these panty lovers. Some even love it if there is creamy discharge on the crotch, either some lubrication or ovulation that makes that yellowish stain on the crotch. They lick at it as though devouring an ice cream cone. Naughty, naughty boys…..

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