Sleepy Sex

A sexual pleasure for many is sleepy sex. Sex that you are wakened up to have that is nothing but a dreamy memory in the morning. Now I’m not talking about ones that take advantage of sleeping people, I mean a couple that are consenting. Where one wakes up in the night feeling horny and starts making the moves on their sleeping partner.

It can be a very sexy feeling to be wakened up with lips on your skin, hands roaming over you, semi aroused before you even know what’s happening and all of a sudden be taken in the night from a dead sleep by your randy, eager lover.

Imagine being wakened up with a hand slowly pumping your cock and kisses being rained down on your neck, your body responds and you get hard, maybe starting a sexy dream that something is happening to you, but it actually is!

Perhaps if one sleeps soundly enough they could even be having full on sex and not even know about it. There is a sleeping disorder where this happens. Some men have been charged with rape when they were in effect asleep and found some woman and had sex with her, sort of in the same state of mind as sleepwalking. I have wakened up having an orgasm, and wasn’t even touching myself. It’s rare, only happens once every few years, but it’s nice when it does happen, and makes you think if it can happen alone, it could certainly happen from another person and you not even have much recollection of it other than waking up satisfied.

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