Pretty Clitty


Women have always wanted to make themselves prettier with jewelry, but not that many go so far as to adorn their hidden parts. But some do, there is certainly jewelry for private parts. Ones can get their clit pierced, I can’t imagine such a thing, but there’s also non piercing adornments for ones parts that you put on like a sort of belt to highlight and show off your clit. My first thought is, does this woman have the nerve to wear this to the gynecologist? I’m thinking no.

It brings to mind a funny joke I read years ago, that’s been told online several times about the woman that was going to the gynecologist and used what she thought was feminine hygiene spray and when she was being examined by the Dr. heard, “My, how fancy!” She didn’t understand until she got home and saw it wasn’t feminine hygiene spray she’d applied to herself, but spray glitter for head hair.

I’m sure some guy going for your crotch isn’t really worried about dangling jewels, they would just get in the way and I shudder to think of the potential for injury should there be a clothing mishap and the jewelry get caught. OUCH! There is also jewelry for penises, what will people invent next to spend their money on, I sometimes wonder.

There’s many pictures to look at online if you type in clitoral jewelry, I have yet to think of an appropriate place to wear such items though. I’d hope a lot of people wouldn’t be seeing it. Would a woman be doing a leg crossing and uncrossing scene like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct at a bar? The light catching the flash of goldtone between her legs? The thoughts are comical to me at best. 


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