Let’s Wait


A sexual pleasure for many obviously is oral sex, but a disturbing trend has come to light of late. I not only read about it in a study, but a guy I chat with made mention of the same thing. He said how much he loved getting his cocked sucked, yet he hardly ever licked pussy. I asked why, he said he never got asked, yet he happily accepted. Talk about a double standard. So it’s OK for girls to give out blow jobs left and right apparently, but god forbid they get the same pleasure in kind.

He said that was pretty much just reserved for girlfriends, not casual girls, but yet him getting blow jobs is perfectly OK, for girls to give him a casual encounter where he knows there’s little chance of him seeing them again. I was pretty disgusted, honestly. It’s not only a double standard, but degrading to women that they are viewed as only givers of man’s pleasure and not expected to get any pleasure in return. Granted he said he’d not been asked to reciprocate, which also makes me wonder why.

Why would a girl be willing to so easily give that out, and not expect the same in kind? Does this not speak of a lack of self respect? They are allowing themselves to be used and seem totally fine with it. I don’t understand this. Sex seems to have become like a sport, not as an extension of feelings and love. No longer is it viewed as something special to share with your partner. Hookups and casual sex seem the order of the day for many. If both are agreeable, I guess there is not an issue, but I just think a lack of self respect is present.

A man I talked to, several actually I have asked, all of them said if a woman gave herself too easily their first thought was, how many others has she given herself to? One said it’s like a prostitute, no chance of a relationship with one that gives in too quickly. I have heard that from ones in their 20’s and ones in their 50’s, it still holds true. It can be difficult when you both want to, you figure what is there to wait for if you both want it? I have heard from men that said if a woman didn’t sleep with them by the third date, they wouldn’t see them anymore. Another said he’d not have a relationship with a girl if she gave in before the sixth date, you can’t seem to win. Waiting never killed anyone.

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