Beasty Toys


There’s a lot of different sex toys out there and lot of different desires to go with them. For ones that have a bit more of an extreme taste, there are dildos out there that have been made in the shape of animal penises. Maybe these users of these products have an interest in bestiality but are a bit too afraid to cross that line into real, so they can get these toys that are the next best thing. Or perhaps for some of the users they have had real, but at the present they don’t actually have old Rover around for whatever reason, or maybe Rover has a headache and isn’t in the mood…..

There are dildos available from every animal from dogs, horses, wolves, even replicas of small whales, etc. Now one might easily access a dog, but a wolf would likely tear your throat out, and a whale? I doubt you’d be getting that close to Shamu anytime soon! Toys like this are a not as disturbing as real life encounter might be, but they still make you wonder…

Many zooplhiles that really do love beast are out there, but keep their fetish a tightly held secret, not only because it’s against the law most places, but because it’s heavily judged by others. Unless they get caught live in the act with an animal in a compromising position, they aren’t likely to get caught, the animals aren’t going to say anything. Or if they perhaps come down with some infection that is a result of sexual contact with animals, their Dr. would indeed know about what they’d been getting up to.

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