As Time Goes By


It goes without saying that sex with a partner and masturbation are sexual pleasures. Some don’t like to think of older people continuing to enjoy their sexuality as they get older, but a great many people in their senior years continue to enjoy themselves in this manner. No, they may not look as good as they did when they were 25, but hey, we can all turn out the lights, all cats look grey in the dark as they say.

My oldest client on the phone was 94. I was dumbfounded when he told me. He had a private nurse and she would pass him the phone and leave the room. I don’t know if he was able to cum or not, I tend to think not, he mentioned he got half hard and the conversations were quite funny. He’d be telling me about flying planes in World War 2 in one sentence, and in the next asking me if my pussy was shaved or how old I was when I gave my first blow job. This regular conversation that was randomly peppered with sexual questions, it was funny.

People that are older often have more time, are not as rushed, no worries of little kids interrupting, fears of pregnancy are long behind. Yet it can take longer for bodies to respond. Men may need pills to help with erectile dysfunction, women may need estrogen cream for lack of lubrication, there are things that need a helping hand due to getting older, but sex can be enjoyable until the end of our lives. Yes, it’s not the most pleasant thing to visualize. Who wants to picture saggy, wrinkled, untoned bodies…..but let’s focus on the pleasure we have had extending the rest of our lives.

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