Getting There Is Half The Fun


Some like foreplay, most hopefully, but for some it’s the main course. I can think of a few guys I talk to that are how shall I say, blow job obsessed. It’s better to them than any intercourse. The entire call will revolve around nothing but blow job descriptions, and sucking noises. I made an audio once, at the request of a client, a blow job sounds one. I made it with a toy. I must say, of all the audios I made I felt the most foolish making it, the spanking one was a close second.

Well it’s one of my most popular ones I ever made and it’s always astounded me. I felt insane making it, sucking on this toy making slurping sounds, and I cannot even count how many have gotten enjoyment from it. Blow jobs to some is just pure pleasure, no working for it, no thrusting, no exertion, just laying back and enjoying the sensations. This is one thing I never got about some liking 69. Why would you ever want to worry about someone else’s pleasure when you were trying to have an orgasm at the same time? Makes no sense to me. Let me enjoy myself and then you will get your turn.

Getting there is half the fun, foreplay is the journey, not the destination, which is the orgasm. Some get it, the edger’s, the ones that like to go for hour after hour before letting themselves cum. I don’t have that much willpower, but I hate rushing, too. Foreplay is a pleasure indeed that should be savored. Unless you are having a quickie, since you have no time for more, savor every moment of the journey.

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