Nylon Mania

One of the sexual pleasures many men are secretly indulging in I have found to be is pantyhose. You may think, oh sure, men love pantyhose and stockings and garter belts on women, and many of course do, but I am talking about men who simply adore the feeling of nylons on themselves. Some pull their cocks out to masturbate, others love to reach their hand inside the pantyhose and stroke their dicks that way.

They will put a pair on to masturbate in, one even told me a disgusting story about how he put on a pair of pantyhose and “went to the bathroom” in them. He wanted to feel it contained within the nylon and still against his skin. The things I hear in the course of a day…….

But many are indeed enjoying pantyhose sex, where they tear a hole not only in the pantyhose of the woman they are fucking and fuck her that way, but they will tear a hole and put their cock through it and fuck them as they too have a pair on. There’s something about the tactile sensation that drives them wild that they like against their skin.

Some have even masturbated with stockings and wrapped the stockings around their dicks and pulled and tugged as it was encasing their cock in the nylons. They have a pleasure found with pantyhose and stockings that no other fabric can compare to for them.

The running of their hands up and down the legs of a sexy woman wearing stockings is a thrill for sure, but they are getting their own thrills from wearing their very own pantyhose in secret in their homes, or out and about under their clothes.

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