Speak To Me…


What is sweeter to our own ears than our native language? Many of us like certain accents of others but nothing quite gets to our heart like another speaking our own tongue. What happens if you call someone for phone sex and you want to hear certain words in your own language that the phone sex provider isn’t familiar with though?

Well the other night I had such an experience. This man from Denmark, who had almost no accent his English was perfect, really wanted me to say certain words back to him in his native language. He said them and spelled them, as I typed them out and then said them back to him. He went quite wild as I did this to him, and was told to intersperse English words for Danish ones. I’d never had a call like it, he was quite aroused to have taught me the words for cock, pussy, big, huge, balls!

Certain words and sounds can indeed make us melt and it’s not difficult to teach a few words to someone and have them say them back to you. So if I ever meet a Danish guy and say, “I want that (big) stor (cock) pik in my (pussy) fisse!” he’ll drop his jaw for sure! A man once wanted me to try this on a recording in Hindi, and I’m afraid even with recordings as samples on how to say the words, I couldn’t get the hang of it. Some languages are a lot easier to roll off the tongue than others. I do wish I was multi lingual, that would increase ones clients base for sure and make you more desirable, but except for a couple of Danish words now, I’m English only!

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