Underneath Your Clothes


Lingerie is like wrapping yourself up for your lover in a pretty satin and lace package. A feast for their eyes and making them want you even more since you took the time and the trouble to make yourself up for them. So many different types of lingerie out there, from stockings and garter belts, matching bra and panties, corsets. Many men seem to enjoy having sex with the lingerie on their ladies.

They adore the feel of the silky fabric under their hands, as they slide them all over you, caressing you. Many men enjoy wearing lingerie themselves, they just adore the tactile sensations. I get lots of callers that like to hear about the lingerie I’m wearing and how they’d fuck me in it. It’s always fun to think about a woman wearing something sexy underneath her hum drum clothes, like the librarian wearing something prim and proper and then wearing something terribly racy underneath that would make a whore blush!

You never know what someone has on under their clothes, upskirt pics are popular with guys trying to take pics of what a lady has on underneath her short skirt to drool over. Not too difficult to get a digital camera or a cell phone to quickly take a peek up the skirt and then maybe even post the pics online. There’s a whole thing online about websites that exist for no other reason than to share upskirt pics and post them all over the net. Modern day peeping Tom’s.

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