Snap, Crackle, Pop!

Bag popping, balloon fetish, ones have said the popping is similar to an orgasm for ones into this fetish. The blowing up, the build up, the popping, the release. Seems a harmless enough, if odd fetish for ones to be into. Only a few men have called into balloons, none into bag popping yet, but I’m sure they’re out there. The growing pressure of their impending release as the bag is played with at the same time, and likely they will cum and blow their load as the bag is popped.

Some into bag popping fetish are also into balloons, yet will have a preference for one over the other. Some are also into watching bubbles being blown with bubble gum I read when I visited bag popping forums, yes, such sites do exist. Some like the sound of paper bags over plastic ones. I did once have a conversation with a man with an inflatable pool toy fetish, which as its inflatable, I guess it’s a different branch on the same tree.

Makes you wonder if guys into farting fetish are to be included in this same group, it’s a pop of a different sort, so to speak! The release of air and a small “explosion”. Oh well, fairly harmless and fun in a way. Who among us as kids didn’t go to town when we got our hands on bubble wrap? I think most of us did! Even as adults, one guy I’ve talked to that worked at a company with a mini steam roller type of rig told me he placed a ton of bubble wrap on the ground and drove over it to make a lot of popping noises just for fun.

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