Lick That Ass

A pleasure for many dirty boys and girls is rimming. Some just love to either lick the ass of another or have theirs licked. One gal said it’s so humiliating and degrading, it turns her on like nothing else. It’s true the number of nerve endings there is very great and the feel of a warm, wet flickering tongue on your little rosebud for some is enough to drive them wild.

Many gay males just starting out don’t jump right into anal sex. Hand jobs, blow jobs and rim jobs is something they usually start with before going to anal sex. Rimming though isn’t just for gays, lots of people have learned to enjoy the backdoor delights much more so in recent years since the widespread consumption of porn make these behaviors seem much more normal and common place than ones would think. Many sex shops online now have enema kits meant for pre rimming cleaning, so you’re just as clean inside as out if you choose to engage in this practice. A shower or bath is just cleaning the outside, not the inside. So conscientious ones often use an enema before they shower or bathe.

Some callers certainly like to talk about ass licking and tongue fucking and the submissive ones like to be made to lick the ass of the perfect Mistress and be in total subservience. It can be a risky behavior, so it’s best to get tested beforehand, yet most will not bother. So if you get hepatitis from licking their dirty backside, don’t come crying to me, you dirty bastard! We wouldn’t recommend eating at Taco Bell within 72 hours before this sexual adventure either. You don’t want any surprises!

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