Sex Toys For Boys

A pleasure for many men is wearing a cock ring. They may not be able to get hard enough to properly maintain an erection during sex and a cock ring is designed to trap the blood engorged penis so they have a lot harder cock than they would otherwise. Especially men with medical issues like diabetes can benefit from this. Viagra and similar drugs are not safe for everyone, so a method like a penis pump and a cock ring can certainly help a man as well.

Even men with a normal erection can enjoy the feeling of the extra hard cock that using a cock ring can bring. Sex toys are not always just for pleasure, some started out as actual medical devices and have a dual purpose. Many sex toy shops also carry penis pumps that can be used in lieu of drugs. Vibrators for women started out as medical devices for doctors to bring women to orgasm that were supposedly suffering from “hysteria”. It’s a miracle what a good “pelvic massage” can do for a gal! Funny they never thought to massage themselves and left this up to doctors to get them off.

Sex toys have always been around, since the days of the cave men, men have been tying strips around their penis to maintain a harder, longer lasting erection, and dildos carved out of stone and ivory have been around for many thousands of years. When people didn’t have a lover around, they tried to have a suitable substitution around to help them out.

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