His Girlfriend’s Daughter’s Panties

Panties are a common item that many men fetishize. Especially when they belong to a “forbidden person.” One man called the other night and said he’d taken a pair of panties that belong to his girlfriend’s daughter. He said he knows it’s wrong, but he just couldn’t help himself. He said they smell so sweet and he fantasizes about fucking her when he’s fucking his girlfriend and he wondered if there was a chance she might help him do some accomplice stuff so he could fuck the daughter. Um, NO. Unless she’s some kind of would be criminal, I said the chances are slim and she’d boot him out of her life for even asking. So he continues to keep it his naughty secret.

He was holding her panties and sniffing them as we spoke. He then rubbed them on his cock, thinking of her young pussy and how much he’d love to lick it and fuck it. His clueless girlfriend has no idea about how he’s wanting to fuck her daughter and have her help in the deed. So many guys have fantasies like this. You can’t tell what they make up and what is real. Another caller said he took the panties of his niece and that he came in the crotch of them and now she’s pregnant. Sorry, I don’t believe that one. She’d literally have had to put them on immediately after he did that and the wetness of cum would be very easy to spot.

I said I guess she must be wondering how she’s a virgin yet pregnant, her and the Virgin Mary! The absurd things men tell you on these calls is just not to be believed half the time. Laughing at them doesn’t even make most admit they are clearly bullshitting you, they just continue on with their absurdities as if it’s fact and expect you to buy it all at face value. Tell us your nonsense, we will be happy to collect your money as you spin your crazy tales! You know no one would listen to your ramblings for free, that’s for sure!

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