Blue Balls Phone Sex

Tease and denial is popular with some guys. It’s hard to believe some men actually like the feeling of blue balls, but some indeed do. Many have even said they have no intention of having an orgasm when they call. One caller in particular would tell me when I knew he was getting close to cumming to actually hang up on him to prevent him from having an orgasm. Pain is a type of pleasure to some, and blue balls give them that. Some have said they will tease themselves literally for weeks before allowing themselves to cum. They will build things up to the point of orgasm and then deny themselves time after time.

Guys will try and make a woman feel guilty for getting them worked up and then not helping them have an orgasm, but the truth is they are capable of making themselves cum easily, so it’s ridiculous to lay that responsibility on anyone else. Don’t like having blue balls? Then rub one out, it’s not difficult. The ones wearing chastity devices are the hard core blue ballers you might say. They want zero chance of being able to cum, so the cock in lockdown is one way to do that.

Having others such as a Mistress or dominatrix hold the key will totally ensure there will be no unsanctioned orgasms. Frustrate themselves by watching porn, going down on women, serving, but nothing for themselves. It’s comical really the way they will get themselves in a sexual frenzy with no payoff whatsoever. Blue balls are fun to give out. Most men deserve to feel the pain of that sensation. Some genuinely love it. We phone sex gals are happy to get you riled up and let you not cum. If tease and denial and blue balls are your thing, we will be happy to help!

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