Two Girl Calls

Some men are quite intrigued by two girl calls. One gal is just not enough for them, they want a threesome over the phone. Not all companies offer this, but if you call around to some different ladies here, we may be able to accommodate your request. It won’t happen immediately, we need to contact other ladies that are working with this service. Some men find such arrangements much to their delight. Especially in these times of not being able to easily socialize, getting together over the phone can be a lot easier. Some places even offer three girl calls, but two girls is usually enough for even the most adventuresome phone sex caller.

It’s like having your own little sex party over the phone. You can pretend the girls are getting it on and you are the participant watching them as you stroke your cock and watch and listen to them. The fantasies you can spin are a bit more varied than when it’s just one lady on the phone. These sorts of calls aren’t for everyone, but they do have their fans. Have you ever had the desire to try a three way call as you masturbate?

Does the idea of jerking off and having two ladies listen to you and give you jerk off instructions get you harder than you thought possible? There’s only one way to find out and that’s to try it. Your mind will be blown away by the sounds of two hot women at the same time, think you’re man enough to do it? Are your balls aching right now, maybe it’s been days since your last orgasm and you know you can’t hold out much longer without reaching down and rubbing your cock and seeking that sweet release. Pick up the phone, you know you want to.

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